I/He/She/They Said: Writing Dialog

We’ve all met that writer–that overly-confident, thinks-they-know-better-but-in-truth-is-amateur-at-best writer–who just doesn’t understand how writing dialog works. And then they ask you to be their editor, but every time you try to fix the consistent problem with their dialog writing, they refuse it and insist they’re doing it right. Maybe you’ve even been that writer at some point in your life–I certainly have–but I think just about everyone can agree, that writer is quite annoying to work with.

I can excuse a missing comma or a double space–that’s an accident. But if you’ve forgotten how the English language works (which is justifiable–English is so confusing even to me, a native English speaker), and for some reason can’t go open literally any book and see how to do it properly, then it’s time for a lesson in dialog writing–more specifically, punctuation.

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