Art, Formatting, and Other Shenanigans (Anthology Update)

This may end up a bit of a ramble, but bear with me.
When the last update was written (in February, no less–how time flies!) the Clam and I were still in the editing process, though she was doing more of it at that point. Now, though, we’re mostly through the editing process (only mostly because I’m a slowpoke), have cover art (thanks @/lizard_dork!), and I’m frantically doodling all the illustrations I should’ve been making six months ago.

Though our pace isn’t breakneck by any stretch of the imagination, progress is far brisker than our previous meanderings during this process. With both editors suddenly finding themselves busy with far more school than anticipated, technical glitches of the sort that always seem to happen when transferring a website, and trying to obtain funding, you can color us stressed. (What color would that be? Probably mauve, I think; not a color that I, for one, am particularly partial to.) In addition, progress on my end in particular has been hindered overwhelmingly by an incredibly painful headache that has thus far persisted for over two weeks. (Thank heavens for the existence of tylenol.)

The anthology itself is attempting to give us a headache and a half all by its lonesome. Formatting has been an absolute nightmare; it was horrible to try and make the various writing look like it had been put deliberately in its place–and that was before we began to add the drawings.

It may seem far off to us now, but publication will be happening less than a month from now. We will get this done; this project has been over a year of work on the editors’ parts, and the writers all put forth their words to make this possible–not to mention the art going into this.

If you can, please do buy a pre-order of the hardcopy in our store!