Hey everyone!
As some of you may remember, we floated a bit of information about our new project, temporarily titled “Anth2.” Well, we’re happy to say we’ve come up with somewhat of an ironic title: “Long-Winded.” A whole concept is being concocted right now and we’re extremely excited with this direction.

Like before, the theme will be 9+ word titles, hoping to aid to either radical drama or hilarity. We are still accepting all forms of writing, and also looking for illustrators. The cover art has already been taken care of.

The submission deadline has been pushed forward to February 30th, however: PLEASE send in your submissions as soon as possible! Either as a full-fledged submission or a rough outline to prove you do in fact have a submission in the works. We need these as soon as humanly possible so we can begin the nitty-gritty formatting and spacing and reformatting and reformatting as soon as we can to make this whole process go smoother than last time.

A new addition to this system will now be that ANYONE can apply! That includes you! Before we were limiting it to only local writers, but now it’s being opened up to anyone with steady communication and a good idea. Contact us in any of the various ways found in the below paragraph and we can discuss your submissions!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to comment them, email us at procrastinatingwritersuntied@gmail.com, or DM us on Instagram, @procrastinatingwritersunited! We’ll be happy to answer any and all inquiries. 

Procrastinating Writers United

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