This page has the answers to some common questions. If you have one that you don’t see an answer to here, feel free to contact us and we will answer as soon as possible!

Why ‘PWU’? PWU stands for Procrastinating Writers United. As for why that name; it was brainstormed by a sleep deprived teen at 1 am. Make of that what you will.

Where does PWU meet? We’re a Santa Barbara based writing group that currently meets at a member’s house.

How do I join? Right now, joining is invitation only–meaning that one of our members has to invite you to a meeting personally. But if you are interested in joining, either in person or online, contact us and we can discuss it with you.

What is does joining PWU online entail? The members who join us exclusively online have access to the Google Drive folder of critiques, but do not physically attend any meetings. They are able to read/proof/share their stories and those of others in the group.

Where can I find more information about anthologies/other projects? You can visit our Projects page to learn about what we’re up to, or you can go to our Anthology page to read about our current work-in-progress anthology.

Some of the information on [page] is incorrect/misspelled! Can you please fix it? Yes, absolutely! Email us the page name, the information to replace, and the information to replace it with, and we’ll be on it as soon as possible!